As an organization, no matter how well you’ve got your stuff together, the success you eventually achieve is strongly influenced by your staff. Talent is rare nowadays. Service design helps you as an employer to differentiate you by developing an optimal experience for potential candidates. Connexys did research among HR directors and HR managers about the recruitment trends for 2016, called ‘The future is ours to create’. They identified ‘the candidate experience becomes leading’ as trend number 4.

‘To be able to be key player in a market where high potentials can choose of a large variety of jobs, as an employer, you got to have your stuff together. You’re not going to make it with a nice job description, a well payed salary and good secondary working conditions only. Everything has to fit perfectly to convince the perfect candidate to come and work for you’. 

How do you influence ‘the candidates experience’ in such a way that he or she is really going to sign the contract? And that he or she also has had a positive experience, even if the job goes to somebody else?

Service Design can help you create an optimal candidate experience by looking at your processes from a candidate point of view. That way, you will build an optimal orientation, interview and onboarding process to ensure that the perfect candidate is going to end up with your organization.

Why and how? Read the following infographic that we especially designed for our customers.

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